Column defect correction

Is it possible to carry out CCD column defect correction in Siril? It’s not something I usually encounter as my own sensor is CMOS, but I was attempting to process some narrowband images from Telescope.Live earlier and the subs showed visible linear defects that actually seemed to be made worse with my normal Siril registration and stacking workflow. PixInsight handles this fine, I’m not sure if I’m missing an option in Siril but it seems to be a pretty common form of defect in CCD sensors so hopefully if Siril can’t do it yet, it’s somewhere on the roadmap.

Hello, the cosmetic correction enabled with default dark calibration corrects only single pixels. It is possible to correct lines, but with manual intervention. You’ll need to write a file containing the line’s coordinate (see the format and documentation here), and apply it to a sequence using the seqcosme command.

Unfortunately this command has been identified as having a problem, which has been fixed for 1.0.2.

The problem occurs only on line correction, not columns.