Combining mobile and camera photos on desktop


So we all have mobile and cameras and many other inputs for photos. I like using google photos, and I like using lightroom. I also would like to have them all in one location so that it’s just easier to view (ie holiday photos taken with both camera and mobile)

My setup to sync and copy:
Phone > Google Photos
Cameras > Straight to desktop and then lightroom (or any other better suggestions) to organise

What I’m trying to do:
1 - I’ve already enabled the option to view google photos in google drive, so that allows me to get the files onto the desktop - so that’s one step closer
2 - Somehow automatically copy the photos from google drive to year/month folder structure on desktop. But to do this without moving the file from google drive as this will delete it from google photos as well.
3 - View combined photos from camera and mobile all in one place

1 - I want to keep google photos as-is/untouched
2 - Have a folder on my desktop where I combine the google photos with my camera shots, where I can view them combined in lightroom

This is my workflow as a diagram if that helps: I don’t want to sync back to A…it’s just one way A > B. I don’t want to place my camera photos into google photos.

Any help is greatly greatly appreciated!!

An exiftool script would do the job.

I think rclone it’s the perfect tool for that.