Comet registration tutorial

At the request of one of Siril’s users, here is a tutorial for the comet registration.
comet.pdf (4.5 MB)
Sorry for the screenshots in French, but I didn’t have time to redo them yet :wink:

Clear skies



Thank you!

Thank you for the tutorial.
I found out we cannot use tiff files (converted) to use with the Comet registration.
The log states that it needs a date/time stamp in order to register the comet.
That limits the image captures to those saved as fits…
Maybe a future version of Siril can provide an alternate method for captures saved as tiff. My tiff files had that info in the file name.

Welcome Fivel, and thanks for the report. It’s quite unusual to have acquired images in TIFF. Indeed we could report the date from file names in that case, but that would not be high in our priority list given the fact that it’s not the recommended way to acquire images.

Hi Vincent, thank you for your quick reply.
My astro cams (both ZWO) afford saving in fits or tiff.
I have minimized my use of fits files, since they require apps that can convert/save in tiff, for post processing. I do not use the costly post processing apps such as PI and APP. I start in Siril, and then use Affinity photo ($40USD).
Even Siril needs to re-convert fits files in order to produce the sequenceSo i desire all processings to be as simple as possible.
I hope your team will reconsider allowing the Siril comet registration to use the tiff filename time/date to be used.
Thanks again.


No. Absolutely not.
Rename your files to follow the sequence convention. That’s all.

I saw the thread and was like. ooh! ooh! I want that! Looks awesome and the French probably isn’t an issue. :cowboy_hat_face:

I mean, I know very little french(my kid is fluent when needed) and I got the setup just fine. New toys! Now I just need a comet I can image with small scopes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for your feedback,

As you may have seen in other posts we are currently making a series of video tutorials in English, so that as many people as possible can use them :wink:
I’ll also do one on how to align comet pictures. Not right now, I still have more than ten videos to make, but very soon…

When I’ll have made the main videos, I’ll also provide you with a new web and pdf documentation totally in English (and also in French version of course ;-))

Clear skies,