Command History/Log

I have an external program where I save some of my favorite gmic cli one-liners, but sometimes I close out of the command prompt and loose everything I was working on. Is there any way to access a log of entered commands? If not, consider this a feature request if those are allowed.

History of commands is something that is usually (and that must be) managed by your shell.
I don’t imagine a CLI tool that would keep all its call to a logfile, that would really sound intrusive to me.

I guess a history log would have some concerns; what would you recommend for making sure progress isn’t lost for accidental close-outs?

I don’t know on which system you run gmic. On my Linux, with bash, I have the command history which displays all the previous lines I’ve typed on the console. That’s what I use the most personally to ‘remember’ my previous commands.
So, history | grep gmic is good enough to retrieve all previous calls to gmic.


Emacs shell buffer. Works somewhat like a linux sh, but standard output and standard error print out into an Emacs text editor buffer — and with auto-save turned on, you will only loose a few dozen keystrokes, at most, if the whole computer suddenly powers down. Very useful for tutorial development, as the buffer saves everything and has virtually limitless scroll-back capacity.

Emacs is available for Windows, but have not tried Emacs shell on that platform.

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I use eshell pretty regularly on windows. It works and I don’t see why this wouldn’t also work.

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Ah! Thank you for the verification. I don’t have Windows installed anywhere here at the moment.