Command line way to make export HDR from raw file

I am trying to automate process of Raw to HDR conversation with the help of darktable. Darktable provide option to import raw file and export it as HDR in its GUI interface. Since I want to automate I am looking for ways to do it via command line. Any other software suggestions are welcome.
Thank you

Do you want to export a file for further processing or do you expect a finished file from the automation.

If you expect a finished file, hugin’s HDR stacking with LDR export + auto levels/contrast/etc with image magick might be a better route.

Darktable’s build in HDR doesn’t do auto alignment of images, which is a short coming for many images.

I am not stacking images, I am using “fake” HDR from a single image. I like the DarkTable effect, I just need to automate the output.
Similar to Snapseed if you are familiar with it.

Well you can apply an xmp profile using the command line.

I’m not sure what the “darktable effect” is. You’ll probably need to add more detail to get a specific answer.

You could automate a form of HDR using the base-curve>fusion procedure