Command Piping on Windows?

I’m looking to see if Siril can be used as part of automated operations at a home observatory on a computer running Windows operating system. Apart from manually entering the name of a script to run from inside Siril, is it possible to start Siril from cmd.exe command line/or shell command with the name of script file as a parameter which Siril then proceeds to execute ? Alternatively does the new command pipe facility work with windows or is it just a unix feature ?
How would one set up command piping on windows, a brief description of what to or example if possible.
Thank you
David Richards (Aberdeenshire, UK)

Hi, you can start siril without the graphical user interface. Since 0.99 versions, there is a new executable called siril-cli that does not open the graphical context. Otherwise, the siril executable also works the same way:

$ siril-cli.exe -s script_file
will run the script_file (full path possible) from the command line.

Using the command pipe is also possible on windows, but I don’t know how to send data to it. The -p option enables it, see the script documentation for the format of the output data.

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Thank you Vincent. The command line -s option was just what I was looking for. It gives me the encouragement to continue looking at Siril as a helper application for carrying out a variety of tasks relating to Astro-Imaging.

Hi David,

you can also use python with siril. I have written a library that dialogues with Siril in pipe mode. You can write scripts with the power of python ( if, while , for etc …).

The project is : pySiriL ( py thon SiriL ) → FA / pySiril · GitLab

In this link on the WebAstro site, there are some examples of use: