Community Growth, Inkscape, Video and More...

(darix) #21

My 2 cents:

  1. yes on welcoming more projects it gives them less things to worry about and we can also see what is going on in other projects
  2. Unless people want to step up and help with maintaining …I am not keen on adding all those new tools. We don’t really need to run our own video hosting platform e.g.


The “music” idea was not really meant serious, but it has some truth in it. And I should have said “audio production”. And what are audio samples other than 1d pixels? :wink:

No, seriously, the common thing is not “FLOSS” but “FLOSS media production”, but it makes sense to draw a line somewhere and to grow to “all things visual” would be already a huge step. But it would be great if there were a place like this for FLOSS audio production as well. :smiley:

(David V) #23

Yes, I agree. I don’t think it would be wise to extend to Audio production on a forum that focuses on photography. But if one day photographers, designers, 3D artists and filmmaker live happily together on a platform like this - it would make sense to include Audio-related content as the topics relate a lot more (see professionally made chart)

professionally made chart


Great chart :smiley:. But there is a direct overlap of all three that is missing: Photo slide shows (those that are burned to DVDs) and “multivision shows” (that’s how they are called here in Germany, don’t know if this is real English, I think of public talks given by a photographer with really big screen showing photographs, short movie clips, background music, …).

Btw, how did you make the diagram unfoldable in the post?

(Andrew) #25

hi, a category sounds about right. Is the traffic massive? in which case maybe forum?

Is this stuff like this? - image
In which case I’d say No! Or were you joking? I’ve never heard of vector hippies before…!

Audio - I use Ardour - - brilliant - but audio sounds a bit out-of-gamut for Pixls IMHO.

(Mica) #26

It was a joke!

(David V) #27

Well, you can also use Audacity to create glitch art - which is very well related to pixls - but I don’t believe that and your points would justify a dedicated Ardour, LMMS, Audacity, Musescore (…) category yet.


ffmpeg would be the first one on my list for sure. There are also mediainfo and bento4 for metadata manipulation as well as diaporama for slideshow creating.


Maybe we have the start of a foss-r-us network (with three pillars, Image, Video, Audio), like they evolved the whole StackExchange network from StackOverflow. PatDavid, the new web tycoon :slight_smile:


Photography means memories for me. Video files can be memories too which is why I consider them photography for myself. Speaking for myself only

(Mica) #31

But audio is like images for your ears!

(farid) #32

Yay for Inkscape, Scribus and everything Libre Graphics! One of our main workhorses is Inkscape and am sure my partner would find it much easier to participate here.

As for video, I had something like this in mind a while back. I would suggest not to divide by programs but use a general video editing category. Shotcut has a private forum and Kdenlive uses the KDE one. I would enjoy a mix of r/editors with r/Linux_Filmmaking with a pinch of r/videography.

Great initiative! :smiley:

(farid) #33

Natron is a compositor not an editor.

(Isaac Ullah) #34

Vector and video is fine by me. I actively use inkscape got making figures, and edit a lot of video for my YouTube channel too. FOSS video is indeed a bit of a mess. Blender is by far the most powerful, but not at all user friendly. Luckily, there’s some very good tutorials for it on YouTube, so I figured out how to use it reasonably well at one point. I used to use it extensively for a while, but I stopped because it takes too much time to set up and do right. Shotcut always crashes on me, but I like the interface. Flowblade never worked well for me. Pitivi didn’t run the one time I tried it out. Right now I tend to use Kdenlive. I’m not over the moon in love with it, but it’s reasonably easy to use and it works. Another project to keep in the fold would be AVIdemux. It only does a handful of things, but it does them very well.


Hi, I am the one that contacted you for the video processing software inventory, over email.
I am still willing to help !

(Glenn Butcher) #36

To me, the fundamental connection is FOSS-imaging. So, free software that support the imaging endeavor. Now, one might think that excludes audio, but if you’ve take even one film class you know that’s not right.

Imagining this forum as a place where all aspects of “imaging” can be discussed, in terms of the FOSS tools available, just feels right…

(Pat David) #37

Aha! So everyone knows, @Montlys reached out to me a little while back about possibly extending what we’re doing specifically for video options. I think if he was up for it we could absolutely use the help and someone to champion the cause.

(Dendenis Kushnirenko) #38

I vote for Inkscape branch, also Scribus and Krita, but not separate forum.

I think FOSS have many advantages: unified python scripting language, GMIC as unified filter library, even unified look , which every program inherits from GTK or Qt; it also ability to use Linux as safe primary OS with no worries to keep crypto wallet on it or just avoid any junk or malware; ability to improve software according to needs(I have open ticket on Freeplane and as result I get feature I need in next release, I was quite impressed by it).
There is many forums for any separate grafics software, but not for open source bundle(maybe I`m wrong). I think discuss.pixls is good place to connect them. I wish it would be any cross software showcases of any production or non production workflow, in which every piece of software have participated.

Let`s share and enjoy by Free CG Ecosystem!

(Andrew) #39



… but an extremely useful tool for video production. Plus, “editor” may not only mean NLEs, it could mean everything one could use for editing video, or am I wrong? I am (obviously, I guess) not a native speaker, so please correct me if I am wrong about that.