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(Mica) #41

I think it is just semantics; you’re both right. When I think of a video editor, I think of an application that is primarily for sequencing a series of clips. However, if you meant editing as in changing what is there, then Natron fits right in.

(Ryan Gorley) #42

Thanks @patdavid for reaching out to the Inkscape team and working to support the libre graphics movement as a whole. As just a recent observer this feels like the kind of supportive community I would want welcoming newcomers to FOSS. It would be awesome if Inkscapers had a community of support here as well, as I’m sure many of your members are using it side-by-side with GIMP, Darktable, etc. as I do. Let’s keep exploring what that would look like if it’s something your community wants here as well.

Nearly all of the professional photographers I know are involved in film at some level. I have used Canon DSLRs running Magic Lantern for almost all of my own professional film work. I think making a home for video here would be a very natural fit and much needed. For what it is worth (@paperdigits) I actually use Blender for most of my editing, primarily because it is cross-platform and stable.

As far as people involved in video… Farid Abdelnour at Estúdio Gunga is not only doing video work but they have been helping the Kdenlive project. Sam Muirhead has done some good freelance work. I’m sure there are many others that I’d love to hear about and collaborate with, but I don’t know where to find them (hence the need for a community like this).

I would by no means consider myself a seasoned photographer, so I’m not sure what I can add to the well of expertise here, but I’ll keep an eye out for ways I may be able to contribute. :slight_smile:

(Pat David) #43

Hello and welcome! I believe @frd is already contributing around these parts, but we really should poke him more about video and what we should do to expand in a way that can support filmmakers and videographers better.

This is exactly my thought as well. If there’s not a community or place that immediately springs to mind when you want to find folks doing certain type of work, it’s a clear indication that something is missing (and an opportunity to possibly do something about it).

(David V) #44

Oh yes! I couldn’t agree more.

Me neither - so spent days surfing the internet trying to find Linux and FLOSS Filmmaker. Here are some places I found:

  1. There is a tag called video editing on

  2. Micah Pendleton makes Filmmaking Tutorials on Youtube using linux and mostly open source programs

  3. Sebastian Pichelhofer and his team develop the Axiom Open Source Camera

  4. Sam Muirhead makes professional documentaries - often related to open source topics

  5. A Google+ Community of Linux Filmmakers

  6. On Reddit: /r/Linux_Filmmaking

  7. Some people from Brazil who develop add-ons to make Blender a powerful and usable for video Editing

  8. "open source cinema" - a organization/company who focus on more sustainable filmmaking

  9. not necissarily related, but there is a network of Creative Commons film festivals - so, creative commons, but not necisarily made using free and open source tools

  10. There is an “Open Everything Film Festival” in Vienna this year - organized by Sebastian Pichelhofer.

It was quite difficult to find all them because there is barely a place where they all find together - and I don’t believe it is complete, and if there is a platform for FLOSS Filmmaker to unite, the number will only grow.


Here are some thought about the main categories when listing FLOSS projects related to video.
We can either categorize them by their type (GUI/CLI/ softwares libraries for developers), or by their features in the workflow (Editing, compositing, modeling, …). But with the latter we could have software (like Blender) overlapping too much (even with photography).

Apart from sofware, and as @dav suggest, we can also list entry points in the libre video nebula, list libre video organizations (powering most of the global video infrastructure BTW), and also principles such as

(Steve Barnes) #46

Personally I think that Video Editing & Production fits naturally here and Audio has been a part of “Movies” since before the word video came into place. (I know some still hanker after the purity of monochrome and don’t think sound should come into the picture).

For FOSS video editing the possibly the ultimate package is, to me, FFMPEG I am sure that it is the back end of many of the packages already mentioned but of course with great power and flexibility comes a horrible user interface and an even more horrible set of documentation. Another very powerful but not for the faint of heart set of tools is contained in the incredible OpenCV library.

Another very powerful video & photo manipulation & editing tool with possibly a slightly less horrible UI is MoviePy which behind the scenes uses several other python libraries along with FFMPEG, ImageMagick & optionally OpenCV. On the audio side I often turn to Audacity which has great tools for removing background noise from video sound tracks, (once you have separated them from the video).

(Stefan Chirila) #47

would be so cool to have Audacity and Blender people here too :slight_smile:
@snibgo for audio edits and mastering I absolutely love Ardour

(Dendenis Kushnirenko) #48

We all talking about graphics/video open source software but as I understand the question is how to separate threads in forum. By programs, by workflows(Video Editing & Production,like Steve had suggested) or video-audio-vector-bitmap, etc.

I have no clear vision of it, but I suggest to make separate branch for developing for all software, as by the unix nature they have much similar (like Python).

And I hope changed forum structure like most all, but may be it worth to make vote table with main variants… Just to avoid R.I.P this “Community Growth”

  1. Collect all approaches of separating forum branches.
  2. Vote.