Comparing images side by side


is there a way in RT for viewing two different images side by side, something like before/after but with different images possibly at 100% magnification, just for evaluation purpose?

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I don’t think you can do this in RT, but I often do what you’re asking with Digikam. It also does synchronized zooming and panning.

Because it’s Digikam, you’re looking at the JPGs embedded in the raw files, and not the raws themselves. But it can be useful to quickly cull among a bunch of pictures with similar subject matter.


Thanks! It would be a useful function in RT I think, my need is in fact to compare different raw files and different processing techniques (for example same subject at low/medium ISO speed, where overall contrast is also normally affected).


Haven’t tried this before but you could probably have multiple instances of RT.

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Easier than using multiple instances of RT would be using METM (Mutliple Editors Tabs Mode)


True. Could you make them side to side, or are they tabs to be switched? Honestly, I haven’t tried it since gtk3.

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I asked because I know other raw converters do support split windows (but I like RT the most :wink:)


I tried it. Not bad at all, it has undoubtedly some advantages over a split window, but it is a bit frustrating when you move around at 100%.
Anyway I didn’t know of this multi tab feature, thank you :+1:


Side-by-side can mislead the eye. Our perception of a spot is affected by surrounding area. The left side of the image on the right is affected by the right side of the same image that is on the left. A quick switch in time, B laid over A, is much better.

For really careful comparison, you can save two .tif files and use a viewer that toggles quickly.


I, on the contrary, would very like to see this feature in RT. It’s both in Lightroom and Capture 1. It is helpful when processing many photos of a person in relation to a reference photo. For instance, useful for keeping similar skin tones.


Here is my wish list:

  1. select two raw files
  2. zoom each file independently to a precise (and distinct) zoom factor
  3. move each image independently to a given (distinct) start position
  4. switch from side-by-side mode to laid-over mode at your liking
  5. move both images together at your liking
  6. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Better yet, replace steps 2-4 with image registration. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well I have been trying it for a while so I just want to add I think that the ‘multiple editors’ tabs together with the ‘detail window’ tool, they are a powerful comparison tool between different raw files. Switching from one tab to the other is fast, and the ‘detail windows’ can be positioned to overlap precisely, whichever their coordinates within the images.


I like the option of comparing 2 images in PhotoWorks, well actually there are 2 of them there - side by side and just changing before-after pictures. It’s not free but at least the developers are open to take users’ suggestion and improve the software.