Comparing the perspective of 100mm vs 35mm in close-up shots

Two close up shots of the same subject, one with a 35mm lens, the other with a 100mm. Can you spot the difference? Which one do you prefer?


There are clear differences. Either the camera has moved, or the nuts, or both. I think the top image shows more of the left nut than the bottom image. If that is correct, then the perspective is different, and the camera is further from the subject in the top image, and closer in the bottom image.

Any change in perspective is due to camera-to-subject change, not the focal length of the lens.

If you move the camera backwards and want the object to appear the same size, then you would need a longer lens. If you did that, then I think the top image is 100mm and the bottom is 35mm. Focal length controls magnification, not perspective.

Preference? The top image seems slightly higher contrast to me, which I prefer, slightly.

I’d say the top one is 100mm. It looks slightly “flatter” (perspective wise – which I prefer).

I prefer the top one; it seems to have better nuanced colors. It also seems to give better depth perception in some areas, such as the top right of the shell on the right.

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Hmm, are they uncropped images?

I’m guessing that the top photo is the 35mm since the depth of field is better. The walnut on the bottom right seems to be softer at the rear. Merry Xmas! :christmas_tree:

To be honest, I couldn’t tell which was which — they all tasted exactly the same to me. :wink: :laughing:

I think the top one is 35mm - to me it looks a little more 3 dimensional, and I prefer that one, although I prefer the contrast/colours of that one too.
Merry Christmas!

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35mm is the bottom one, the biggest difference is the left nut that has a more pronounced bulge.

i scaled/cropped the 100mm picture to make it exactly the size of the 35mm, but this was by a couple of percent, the camera was indeed 3 times farther for that shot. Also had to fix the colors a bit because while I switched lenses and moved the camera, the lighting obviously changed a bit (this is completely natural lighting).


I was wrong :cry:
I’m surprised at how similar they look really. It would be interesting to try this with other subjects too, although I’m sure it’s been done already :grinning:

Let’s try these two:

haha, you sure are picking difficult subjects. Neither have geometry that helps judging perspective.

The top photo is taken from further back, so I assume it used the longer focal length.

I was wrong the first time. I’m guessing the bottom is the 35mm for this one.

Yes, the 35mm is at the bottom.

Hopefully this shape is more demonstrative:

I’m going with the top being the 35mm this time.

Me too!

I’m happy to say that I was correct on the fork/spatula… whatsit… ok, I’ll call it a Scoopula :slightly_smiling_face: I’m just a bit late replying.

Right this time.

The fork/spatula is actually one half of our designer Alessi Collo-Alto Salad set:


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Nice. I like the shape.