Comparing .xmp files

I really appreciate this forum and I have shared images for suggested improvements and have received many useful suggestions.
In an attempt to add to my skills, I have opened them in darktable and examined the history stack to better understand how the results were achieved.
Is there a more efficient way to examine the .xmp files? I have opened some of them with a word processing software, but the useful information is buried in a lot of extraneous details.
I would appreciate any short cuts, so that I can focus on learning.

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Have a look at Exiftool and/or exiv2.

I don’t think reading the xmp file is going to teach you anything. You should load it into darktable and inspect it there.

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Use the active modules tab… the history tab isn’t that useful…modules could be added inactivated etc. The active modules tab from bottom to top is how the image is processed… Walk your way up that…