Compatibily List of Write Node Codecs

Since there are a lot of users complaining about crashes when exporting movie files (you should not do this anyway), I decided to start a list so we can remove the codecs which fail from the export settings.

Also thinking about limiting to only a few working codecs (@rodlie) ?
And a checker which checks if File ending is correct to Container selection ?!

Natron Build 2.4.1 Export Tests

Codec: ________________________________ Linux:________________Windows:______________OSX:

ap4h Apple ProRes 4444____________ âś“ (.mov)
apch Apple ProRes 422 HQ__________ âś“ (.mov/.mp4)
apcn Apple ProRes 422______________
apcs Apple ProRes 422 LT___________
apco Apple ProRes 422 Proxy________
AVrp Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB Packer_____
AYUV Unco. MS 4:4:4:4______________
CFHD GoPro Cineform HD__________
cvid Cinepak________________________
AVdn Avid DNxHD / DNxHR________âś“ (.mov)
dpx DPX____________________________
exr EXR Image-_____________________
FFV1 FFmpeg video codec_________
FFVH Huffyuv FFmpeg_____________
FLV1 FLV / Sorenson Spark________
H263 H.263_______________________
Hap1 Vidvox Hap_________________
HFYU HuffYUV___________________
mjp2 JPEG 2000__________________
MJLS JPEG-LS_____________________
LJPG JPEG-LS_____________________
jpeg Photo JPEG mjpeg___________
m2v1 MPEG-2 Video______________
mp4v MPEG-4 part 2 mpeg4______
MP42 MPEG-4 part 2 msmpeg4v2_
3IVD MPEG-4 msmpeg4___________
png PNG Image____________________âś“ (sequence)
rle QuickTime Animation___________
SVQ1 Sorenson Vector_____________
tga Truevision Targa Image________ âś“ (sequence)
tiff TIFF Image_____________________
v308 Uncompressed_______________
v408 Uncompressed_______________
v410 Uncompressed______________
drac SMPTE VC-2__________________
AV1 libaom AV1___________________
mjp2 OPenJPEG___________________
theo Theora_______________________
VP80 On2 VP8_____________________
VP90 Google VP9__________________
avc1 H.264 / AVC libx264__________
avc1 H.264 / libx264 rgb___________
hev1 libx265______________________
mp4v libxvid_______________________âś“(.mp4)
H264 libopenh264_________________âś“(.mp4)

Would be nice if other useres, especially (MacOSX/Windows) could also test and submit their results, so I can open a Github issue an report which codes shall be removed from the write node
(There are some formats breaking when the render gets paused…).

ProRes (MOV) 444/422 output works great (on all platforms), been using that for at least a year now (I have short deadlines, and mostly do motion graphics. So MOV’s fit my workflow better than sequences).

EDIT: If I use sequences then I output in TIFF.

  1. It should be
    Codec + Containers (Containers are common in all o/s platform, since win7 support is dropped)
  2. mp4 doesn’t support apple prores. Prores only supports mov container.
  3. Is there any report link to see the problem deeply?
  4. There is a built-in list integrated in write node which can verify Container+Codec compatibility. A mismatch gives warning in the viewport. So, I think it can be done to hide non compatible codecs from the codec dropdown according to the container. Possible hint? @rodlie

5. All image sequence codec should be UNTOUCHED with MOV. As it is required in studio environments. with quicktime/mov

  1. So far only complaint I get before was with mp4 container. There is a error till now with mp4 container + avc1 codec family.
    Instead it should use mp4 container+ cisco openh264 codec.
    [Edit: it is fixed now. Only VLC won’t support avc1]
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If there are crashes, then it’s a real issue. Please report that on github with a sample project file. Any valid codec/container combination should work. If it doesn’t, it’s a bug.

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@cgvirus: its somehow possible to export prores in a mp4 container in Natorn, which I agree should not be possible.

While testing all the codecs, I begin to realize that new users complaining about movie export, do not select the right container / codec combination.

So maybe I should write a section in the manual on how to use the write node and which combinations do work (question is: do they even read the docs?), or we just leave it as is and get used to have every month someone complaining here…

I doubt new users read the docs (or even know we have docs). Most new users wants to import/export “mp4” (usually h264).

Natron won’t let you export a prores inside mp4.:

The codec/container compatibility is in several places:

  • The WriteFFmpeg doc - for each container, there is the list of supported codecs, and vice-versa
  • The help tooltips, eg:
    image and
  • When an unsupported codec/container combination is selected, you should get the above error in the viewer (I agree it is too small on HiDPI screens).

If a user has a container selected that can’t support a codec ideally that codec shouldn’t even be able to be selected in the first place if it won’t work. This is more of a UX issue than a “users should read the docs and tooltips to be informed” issue.

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Actually this can also be considered bad UX, because the user doesn’t know how to get a given codec or a given container. And this can become impossible to select a codec, eg if a codec A only works with container B and container B only supports container A, they would never be selectable.

Believe me, we tried everything, and that’s the best we could get. It’s a very minor issue for users, since that codec/container choice usually happens when they create their first project, and the default is a reasonable one for every container.

The Red error message Fred mentions seems ok to me.
If we really want to add something to it, that could be:
“Hover the container box for a compatibility list”