Compatible hardware for raw developing photos in RawTherapee

Hello! I have a question about ergonomic anti-RSI hardware.
Is the hardware extension device “Loupedeck+” compatible with RawTherapee photo editing software? (URL)

I can imagine such a tool can help not lose sight on the photo, while tweaking shadows and such on with two hands. Can make the workflow quite playful and more fun and less mouse use is good for hands and overall computer ergonomy.

Hello, note that this Loopdeck device only works with Win and Mac. Second, if anti-RSI is your main goal, you can consider a Wacom tablet (or other brand) or a vertical mouse. Both are lots cheaper. I use a Wacom, so the mouse becomes a pen, and my RSI problems were solved in 48 hours.

Thanks @paulmatth for your idea.

I already have a pen tablet and Windows. Just wondering if a device like the Loupedeck+ is supported by RawTherapee 5.8 It will make color editing much much faster because I do not want to lose eye contact to the photo while subtly changing all the parameters, where eyecontact with pen/mouse would be lost during fiddling with all the parameters.

Unfortunately, no.