Compensating the flatbed scanner distortion, test volunteers?

Following my investigation into my problem, I have automated the fix somewhat so to test it with other scanners I’m looking for volunteers with

  • Access to a flatbed scanner (or a printer/scanner combo)
  • Free time
  • Gimp and a working Python support

The mission:

  1. Get the ofn-scanner-fix package (warning: not the usual URL)

  2. Install and read the doc carefully

  3. Do the “acid test” on your scanner. How bad is it?

  4. Use the doc and the script to generate a compensation map

  5. What is the scanner error (first number in the parentheses)? What is the scanner make/model?

  6. Use the map to fix things

  7. Did it work? How well/badly?

  8. Any problems in particular?

The scanner doesn’t need to be connected to Gimp, you can scan off-line (work scanner, if authorized of course), even if it is faster to scan directly in Gimp.


Wow. That’s just what I have been looking for. I’ll definitely try this out later today :slight_smile:

I have a Lide 400 and the dimensions are all over the place!

Keep me posted with your results…