Compilation message

I am still unable to compile the last version of ART, with always the same message:
serge@serge-pc:~/agriggio-art-bcd2fe2159b0/tools$ ./build-art

Program name: art
Build type: release
Build without updating: false

fatal: .git/index : fichier d’index plus petit qu’attendu
fatal: argument ‘HEAD’ ambigu : révision inconnue ou chemin inexistant.
Utilisez ‘–’ pour séparer les chemins des révisions, comme ceci :
‘git [<révision>…] – […]’
fatal: HEAD ne pointe pas sur une branche
fatal: .git/index : fichier d’index plus petit qu’attendu
Do i have something to update and what ?
My last compilation was:
Thanks for your suggestions.

This is a git error, not a compilation problem. There’s something wrong with your git repository it seems. Did you try deleting it and cloning again?


Salut Serge,

I’m not using the build-art script, but just the following.

(initial: git clone, to fetch the code).

cd art
git pull (# new code available?)
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
make -j5 (# for a four-core cpu)
sudo make install

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Alberto, thanks Paul,
I think I solved the problem, I cleaned my “Home” directory and all is back now. As I am far from being an expert in compilation, I think i will remain on build-art script.
Thanks a lot you two.