Compile DT 3.8.1 on Ubuntu 22.04

I have updated my build script from Ubuntu 21.10 – 22.04.

For some reason, darktable does not state “version 3.8.1”, instead it states “unknown version”. So anybody should be a bit careful, if they use this at the moment.

The script can be found here: DT on Ubuntu

Best to all of you

Have a look at this topic, or more specific the reply I linked to:

In short: This is due to a security update on GitHub and not Ubuntu specific, someone also mentioned Slackware on the IRC darktable channel. The above link shows one way of solving this, there are other, more global ways that might be of interest if you pull/clone more then darktable alone from GitHub via git. Do an internet search if you want/need to know more about his.

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Thank you Jacques, for a very speedy reply :slight_smile:

I will look into it to see how to fix this in a sensible way.


You’re welcome.

BTW: I basically used this solution to solve it globally on my side of things which might be worth checking out:

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