Compile error for gmic_gimp_gtk on Debian testing 64 bit


Hello all,
I’m (re)building gmic from git source on Debian testing 64 bit. I’ve just rebuilt gegl and gimp from git. When building gmic, the gmic “cli” app builds without a problem, but building the gmic_gimp_gtk plugin produces the following error:

gmic_gimp_gtk.cpp: In function ‘void create_dialog_gui(bool)’:
_gmic_gimp_gtk.cpp:4087:57: error: ‘GIMP_STOCK_RESET’ was not declared in this scope

GIMP_STOCK_RESET is declared in the gimp source in ./libgimpwidgets/gimpicons.h:#define GIMP_STOCK_RESET “gimp-reset”

I’ve got my older working version of the gimp plugin, but am interested in any fixes that would allow me to get back in the game. Thanks!


Hello again. Rebuilt gimp again. Now gmic_gimp compile ends with this error:

gmic_gimp_gtk.cpp:407:33: error: ‘GIMP_LAYER_MODE_HSV_COLOR_LEGACY’ was not declared in this scope

I’ll keep trying every day or so with updated gimp builds to see if anything changes.

(David Tschumperlé) #3

Thanks for reporting, this issue has been fixed in the current git master.


David, Thanks for the reply. I updated both gimp and gmic from git, recompiled, and now I see the original error…aargh.

gmic_gimp_gtk.cpp: In function ‘void create_dialog_gui(bool)’:
gmic_gimp_gtk.cpp:4087:57: error: ‘GIMP_STOCK_RESET’ was not declared in this scope

(David Tschumperlé) #5

About the GIMP_STOCK_RESET issue.

GIMP_STOCK_RESET is used to define the ‘RESET’ button, and is a pre-defined macro in GIMP API
(as described here :

I have absolutely no idea why this doesn’t work anymore. Maybe the GIMP developers have done something lately and removed it ? I think this could be asked on the gimpdev mailing list eventually.


Thanks David. I’ll let it rest for a while and try again in the future.

(David Tschumperlé) #7

According to this thread :
it seems the macro GIMP_STOCK_RESET has been renamed GIMP_ICON_RESET.
I’ve done a quick fix in the git master (of G’MIC), maybe you can try again and tell us if that is working as expected :slight_smile:


David, thank you, that change allowed me to build gimp_gtk.


Thank you David, it now builds without complaint