Compiling HDRMerge with MSYS2


To build LuminanceHDR on MSYS2, I installed QT5.
Now, in order to build HDRMERGE, QT4 is required.

Sadly, when installing QT4, PACMAN says that QT4 and QT5 are incompatible and asks if I want to uninstall QT5 :open_mouth:

Do you see a solution :slight_smile:

  • replacing QT4 by QT5
  • replacing QT4 by GTK
  • other…
  • nothing

remark: QT seems such an enormous thing (even monstrous for a noob like me) that I wonder if it is adapted for small projects like this.

I would use a virtual machine to do it, and leave things how they are. Microsoft offers a hardware to VM conversion utility.

The next answer is that QT4 is dead. :slight_smile:

Porting from QT 4 to 5 doesn’t look to be difficult.

FWIW, in Gentoo and Gentoo-derived distros, QT4 and QT5 can happily co-exist.

Thanks for link.
Considering the date of the ticket, I fear that no correction will happen in a foreseeable future.


But I am not able or willing to do that for only HDRmerge

Again it depends on the skills. I made a trial, but for me it is not that staightforward.

Hopefully this linknis useful: Transition from Qt 4.x to Qt5 - Qt Wiki

@gaaned92 Just an idea: Make one msys2 installation in folder C:\msys2_4 for qt4 and another one in C:\msys2_5 for qt5. That could work, though not tested

Porting HDRMerge to Qt5 is something I could be tempted to try when time permits.

not really tempted by this sort of adventure!

I will go on trying to port to qT5 with informations provided by @paperdigits , but chances are great that @Morgan_Hardwood be faster than me

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Shouldn’t we mark this thread as ‘solved’ as @Morgan_Hardwood ported HDRMerge to qt5?

Yes. Can you do that please?