Compiling latest version for CentOS 7

Can the latest version of RawTherapee be compiled for CentOS 7? I am not keen on AppImages, flatpaks etc. but much prefer a native version.

Hi @haet873k4, welcome to pixls!

I haven’t used CentOS in a long time and don’t know how up-to-date version 7 is, but…

If you are able to to install all the necessary dependencies then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to compile RawTherapee. I can compile RawTherapee on a somewhat older Debian version without any issues at all.


I just read the CentOS part of the above mentioned dependencies page. Do have a look at the CentOS 7 part!

Here’s what the version 7 section starts with:

CentOS 7 has very outdated packages and requires extra steps to install a recent GCC, git, lensfun and libtiff. The steps below were verified to work in CentOS 7.4.1708, but proceed at your own risk.

CentOS 7 should work if you follow all the steps that @Jade_NL linked to. I haven’t managed to get it work on newer versions.