Completely wrong colours on Arch Linux with dev version

First of all, I believe that it is not a bug in RawTherapee, but I am asking here for advice because I am completely confused.

What I did:

  1. Compile the development version of RT back in April. Everything works fine.

  2. At some point, upgrade my system without recompiling RT. Everything works fine.

  3. git pull and recompile. I get this:

  4. git checkout to the commit I was using before, or even an older one. Recompile. Same result as 3!

The Arch Linux package works fine, but I need to use the dev version to use my X-T30 properly.
The problem is less pronounced with old files using a Bayer matrix, but still clearly present.

Does anyone have an idea of where the problem could come from? Maybe a library?

You probably compiled with GCC 10 which somehow gives wrong results. We’re not sure why:

If you have the option to downgrade to the latest GCC 9 that will temporarily solve this issue.


Thank you, that explains it! I’m sorry I had not slept enough yesterday, I didn’t even think of checking issues on GitHub.

I opened an issue at gcc bug tracker and they confirmed the bug in gcc 10.x:


gcc 10.2.0 has been released. No more pink colors everywhere :slight_smile: