Composite Image - Planet Folly

(Brian Innes) #1

I’ve spent a bit of time reworking one of my “Little Planet” panoramas of a local Folly. The sky was somewhat boring, so I replaced it with a copyright free image of the sky at night! And Who is that in the background? :wink:

Looks quite good even although it is my first real attempt at composite images in Gimp.

Out of interest, I’ve submitted this image to my photography clubs Christmas Knockout Competition :wink: I wonder how it will get on?

(Rafa García) #2

Doctor, doctor!! :slight_smile:


@Brian_Innes for the top of the tree :ok_hand::point_up_2::vulcan_salute::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::love_you_gesture::handshake:

It inmediately triggered Isao Tomita’s ,-)

(Mica) #4


What is causing the white ring?

(Brian Innes) #5

@paperdigits, just a clever mask which fades out the blue sky in the original tiny planet panorama into the star field in the background layer. A combination of a mask created using a greyscale version of the source panoramic image, then created a mask using threshold. Then added a circular gradient into the mask.