Computer requirements to handle large number of subs rapidly

What are the recommended computer specs to preprocess large number of files quickly such as CPU, memory, hyperthreading overclocking, motherboard. Doesn’t matther if it is an AMD or Intel CPU

Hello, in general the limiting factor is the memory. If you have large colour images, the more images you can fit in memory, the more parallel processing will be possible. I’d say if you have colour images, having less than 8GB of memory will not allow you to fully use 4 CPU cores.
Rotating disks are to be avoided because the heavy random and parallel access siril does will make everything very slow and will wear the disk out quite rapidly too.
You can check this system reporting tool that we made if you run a Linux-based OS, it would help finding hardware bottlenecks: FA / cpumemgraph · GitLab

I have 64 GB of RAM so it is not memory
I have 2 CPU cores and 4 logical ones
Conventional HDD not SSD
CPU doesn’t support hyperthreading or overclocking

Dan Kahraman

How can you have 4 logical cores from 2 real cores if you don’t have hyperthreading? Is there a new fake threading thing in recent CPU?
With 64 GB you could have 8 or more cores I guess.
Anyway, SSD is what is slowing you down.

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Dan Kahraman

I did not understand what you said or what you changed, my answer is probably still valid