Concept laptop with a transparent micro-LED display

Perfect for photography and colour management. :roll_eyes::rofl:


Now that sounds like a nightmare for photo editing.


It has to start somewhere after all :smiley: This tech would be specially cool for windows and similar structures.

I get annoyed when terminals are set at 5% transparency … this is a whole different league.

Reminds me a bit of the mobile devices from “The Expanse” – although in the TV-Show they somehow managed to make it look really cool and desirable. One of the best FUIs I have seen in the past couple years.

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Don’t know what I would hate more, the distraction of stuff behind the screen (mostly clutter on my desk) or the touch “keyboard”.

But the great news in the article is that Lenovo is making their laptops more repairable. They are already outstanding in that respect. I wish this was something manufacturers would compete on.


+10,000,000 :grimacing: