.config/Rawthereapee v .config/RawTherapee5-dev-ai

(Syv) #1

Archlinux. I was on 5.3 (from community) and now I use the 5.4 appimage (thanks for 5.4 & appimage). if have:

  • .config/Rawthereapee
  • config/RawTherapee5-dev-ai

Which one to delete? Which one is the current?



(Ingo Weyrich) #2

Your typo or typo in appimage? ping @Carmelo_DrRaw

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #3

@heckflosse @foto - in my build scripts for the AppImage, I have


(see here), which means I have no control on the RawT(t)herapee prefix… no idea which one is the correct one.

(Ingo Weyrich) #4

@Carmelo_DrRaw Thanks for looking. ping @Morgan_Hardwood

(Syv) #5

I did a updatedb and:

$ locate dynamicprofile.cfg



(Morgan Hardwood) #6

If package maintainers follow our guidelines (it’s outside of our control), then

  • ~/.config/RawTherapee is for the stable releases,
  • ~/.config/RawTherapee5-dev is for development builds, and
  • ~/.config/RawTherapee5-dev-ai is for development builds using the AppImage.

(Syv) #7

What about appimage for non-development builds?



(Carmelo Dr Raw) #8

@foto @Morgan_Hardwood - I have updated the AppImage with the correct .config/RawTherapeepath. The new package is here.

(Morgan Hardwood) #9

The AppImage itself is in-development, so I suppose an AppImage of a stable release should logically use -ai. @Carmelo_DrRaw what do you think? And could you let me know what it was before, and what it is now?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #10

Before it was RawTherapee5-dev-ai, now it is simply RawTherapee.

At this point I think that the AppImage either will not start, or will work properly, the compiled code being the same as any other 5.4 package. But I can easily add a -ai suffix if you prefer. Just let me know, and it’s done in 2 mouse clicks :wink:

(Morgan Hardwood) #11

It’s fine as it is @Carmelo_DrRaw, thank you :slight_smile:

(Felix) #12

Was wondering about this as well and then I discovered this thread. Maybe it makes sense to update the link on the download page so others don’t have to search?

(Morgan Hardwood) #13

@dxbi what link are you referring to, and “so others don’t have to search” for what?

(Felix) #14

http://rawtherapee.com/downloads still points to http://rawtherapee.com/releases_head/linux/RawTherapee-git-5.4-20180320_1351.glibc2.17-x86_64.AppImage instead of the link given by @Carmelo_DrRaw above.

(Morgan Hardwood) #15

@Carmelo_DrRaw can you confirm that https://github.com/aferrero2707/rt-build/releases/download/continuous/RawTherapee-git-5.4-20180322_1639.glibc2.17-x86_64.AppImage is made using git checkout 5.4 (not dev) and that it uses -DCACHE_NAME_SUFFIX=""?

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #16

@Morgan_Hardwood - From now on, please link to the packages stored in https://github.com/aferrero2707/rt-appimage/releases/tag/continuous. This is the repository in which I am running daily cron jobs to produce new AppImage packages.

The packages available there have the correct cache suffixes, i.e.:

  • -DCACHE_NAME_SUFFIX="" for the releases branch
  • -DCACHE_NAME_SUFFIX="5-${RT_BRANCH}-ai" in all other cases

Currently I am producing packages for RT_BRANCH=dev and RT_BRANCH=newlocallab.

By the way, would you like me to push those packages directly to the official RT github repository? Or do you prefer that we stay like this? For me it’s absolutely the same…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #17

What I am doing is to clone the releases branch, and then I determine the version number from the AboutThisBuild.txt file. This should allow to generate future releases without further interventions…

(Morgan Hardwood) #18

@Carmelo_DrRaw it would instill confidence if the AppImages were made available directly from RawTherapee’s GitHub page. It would also be nice if the list was trimmed if possible - no need for the tarball, one latest dev build is enough (especially since there is only one dev hash), and I don’t think the glibc info in the filename is necessary, it just bloats the filename and makes it scary.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #19

@Morgan_Hardwood for this to work, I just need to be added as a contributor to the RT repository. I will probably keep the “nightly” release clean manually at the beginning, while setting up and debugging some automated scripts…

(Morgan Hardwood) #20

Welcome to the team @Carmelo_DrRaw :slight_smile: