Configure digiKam to ignore an extra drive on a camera

My Sony a6100 camera seems to have two drives on it, a regular F: drive where the photos actually get stored, and a PMHome G: drive (Play Memories) which is always empty. After talking to Sony yesterday I’ve determined PMHome is built into the camera operating system and can’t be deleted, so I wonder if there is a way to tell digiKam to ignore it.

What happens is most of the time I press the Import button and it takes me to the F: drive where the photos are waiting to be downloaded, but occasionally it opens PMHome making me have to start over.

I know Import has a drop-down list, but I don’t feel like I should have to use it every time or roll the dice and hope Import chooses the right drive. Import is the first thing I do after I take a new batch of photos and it’s an annoyance I’ve lived with for years and would like avoid.

Is there a reason why you prefer offloading via connecting the camera to the computer as opposed to using a memory card reader ?

I find using a card reader is lightning quick compared to offloading via a connected camera and far less cumbersome.

Sorry about the delay. I find the memory card is tiny and feels too fragile to, pull out, push into computer, pull out, and push back into the camera, as apposed to just plugging in the mini-USB cord that I usually leave plugged into the computer. The memory card slot is also under the harder to open battery slot too.

Memory cards (at least the SD cards) may be tiny, but they are certainly not fragile. I’m less confident about the mini- (or micro-) USB port on my camera.