Configuring shortcuts

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How do I configure a shortcut that enables and shows the module at the same time to limit the number of clicks necessary to operate DT?

An example: I would like enable and show the crop and rotate module by keying “c”.


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You mean something like this?


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I have this problem too… I know about the shortcut in preferences, but it only works once… after the module is enabled once, when you go to another module and then you want to go back and adjust the crop again and press the shortcut key, it shows the crop module but it doesn’t activate the on screen controls to adjust the cropping.


Have you tried restarting dt?

I don’t use shortcuts. In the past, when I tried, I had issues as well. In particular, my keyboard has a keypad with different key codes than the number row. When I reverted the keys, they sometimes didn’t work. In such a case, I would delete dt’s preference file, but then you would lose the other preferences as well, so it would be wise to backup before doing it.


I’ve tried it as shown in @Claes screenshot and it works fine. Which version of darktable are you using?


@matejmarti 2.6.0 windows, but it seems now it is working as expected. Maybe all I had to do was restarting as @afre said :slight_smile:
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Thank you for several responses.

A “c” in line “show module” will only show the module. It will not turn the module on, you will still have to click the on/off button to make use of the module.

When you add a “c” in the line “enable module” then the “c” in “show module” disappears. The module is turned on but not shown when you then hit the “c” key.

I would like a single shortcut to enable and show the module. Is this possible in some way?



Not really… A “c” in the position I indicated above will flip the module’s expansion on/off.

To turn the module ON (when expanded), all you have to do is to alter a setting in the module.

OTOH if you permit a two-key shortcut, try this:

A “c” will flip expansion on/off, while a “d” will flip enable on/off.

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I was looking for a one-key shortcut to “open” the crop and rotate module in a ready-to-use mode. My impression was that this requires the module to be expanded and the “power-on-button” activated.

It turns out, that when the module is expanded by hitting the “c” key, the “power-on-button” is activated automatically when you left-click and drag the corner of the image (windows version) to crop the image. So the “c” in the “show module” position was in fact the one-key option I was looking for.

Thank you for clarifying this.

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