Confinement Gallerie

We’ve had rather warm weather of late, for Colorado, anyway. The daffodils, or as I like to call them, ‘sucker flowers’, are raging, oblivious to the temperature drop and promise of snow that looms. They’re kinda like the protagonist in the cult short “Bambi meets Godzilla” from the '80s, I think. Google it…

Anyway, this COVID-19 sequester really feels like the winter confinement, cruelly extended into spring. So I find myself wandering the estate, looking for anything with which to make a compelling image.

In their natural habitat:

I was sitting in a living room chair, turned to my left, saw exactly this:

My wife picked a few to enjoy in the house. These, on the kitchen table under one of those gawdawful CFL bulbs:

These orchids have been entertaining us from a bedroom west-facing bay window for a month or so now. The diffuse morning light, attenuated by the encroaching weather, made them all the more compelling. Not sure i’m doiing them justice here:

Contemplating some experimentation with the AF-P 70-300mm - macro extender - FTZ - Z6 for some close work. The things to which one turns when confined…


There is also very warm weather here in southern germany.
We call the “Narzisse” also Easter-bells.

I found this one this morning:

seems that they are everywhere :slight_smile:



@ggbutcher I like the orchids backlit like that. Justice is served. Of course, I’d be interested to see a B&W version. Happy Easter!

'ere y’go:

I grayscaled it with R=0.83, G=0.0, and B=0.24, then added another curve to just mess with it… :smiley:


I am just watching the grass grow and ants forage!


This is on my balcony, my clematis should blossom in the next days…


It snowed here, about 3 inches total, and this morning’s outside temp was 10F. The daffodils are covered…

@ggbutcher I have seen some beautiful shots of snow flakes…
But so far, I have not managed myself.

I remember reading an article in a magazine (the paper kind) that described a technique involving encasing them in some kind of resin… it was a long time ago, I may not be remembering it correctly.

Beautiful flowers. I am hesitant about the depth of field and focusing though. No feedback other than that. And yes, it has been cold and windy lately. Fortunately, the grass in greening fast, so spring (not winter) is coming.

I did once a similar shot of a plant on our window sill.

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