consolidation german translation for tagging - feedback request

in german the translation of of tag/tagging sometimes is not GUI friendly because there isn’t a short word to deal with it

tagging/metadata tagging: there’re two possible translations for tag: “Schlagwort”, “Stichwort”
while the first is used to indicate a marking of something, the second indicates a collection of relevant words to find.
tagging is quite more hard to translate since theres no simple noun or verb. With famous german concatination od words there’s a solution for “Schlagwort” (“verschlagworten” or noun “Verschlagwortung”) and a even longer term for “Stichwort” (“Stichwort vergeben” or noun “Stichwortvergabe” )
If used for tooltips that doesn’t matter, but for some UI elements this results in very long descriptions of input boxes or buttons minimizing the space for other gui elements.

geotagging: the use of the anglicism “Geotagging” is quite common since there’s no convincing german word for this
–> so no need to find new words fort this

to decide:

  • usage of “Tag” and “Tagging” as anglicism as common for geotagging
  • usage of “Schlagwort” or “Stichwort” in general ( current translation prefers “Schlagwort” over “Stichwort” but the latter is common for Adobe Lightroom users)
  • accept “Tag” or “Tagging” as a shortcut just in limited space

@ german-language users: what do you think about it?

I would prefer to use ‘Tag’ even in german, because it’s a widely used term.
Schlagwort or Stichwort are just a description, but a tag is more than that, it’s a kind of categorization.

But I would not call it Tagging in german, but ‘Taggen’.

Tag and Taggen are even listed in the german dictionary Duden:
“Taggen: (einen Text) mithilfe von Tags strukturieren”

In my old (analog) english pocket dictionary (Langenscheidt ) the translations are:

tag = Schild, Etikett, verb = auszeichnen, anhängen
Stichwort, Schlagwort = catchword

None of them fits for our purposes.

A common translation used in LR and other image editing software is “Stichwort”. A single verb to describe the action isn’t used but a combination with the noun (Stichwort anwenden, Stichwort anhängen, Stichwort ändern etc).

I think using “Stichwort” alone would be ok, otherwise the denglish “tag” / “taggen”.

Keep “tag” and “tagging”, it’s a well known technical expresion. Maybe there could be an addition in the german manual explaining what “tagging” means?


ps for consolidated translation is merged - so feel free to check …

How about “Marke” and markieren?

It doesn’t make sense to introduce a term, not used in this context just to have a shorter german word.

I my opinion your yesterdays PR is a good solution.

substantive das Tag : Markierungselement von Beschreibungssprachen …
verb taggen : (einen Text) mithilfe von Tags strukturieren
substantive neutrum das Tagging

are part of the german “Duden” and perfectly fit to the well known technical english expressions “tag” and “tagging”.

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