Construction site picture with OnePlus 6

They are buildning a new tunnel around my area. I also got distortion correction and vignetting correction to work with this phone, Failed to create Lensfun profile for OnePlus 6 - #4 by Peter

I have been shooting more in camera JPEG with this phone than raw files just because I couldn’t get any good edits from the raw files. With this sample I think I even got a better result with the raw file than with the camera JPEG so from now I will shoot more in raw.

In camera JPEG:


IMG_20210915_170040.dng (31.1 MB)
IMG_20210915_170040.dng.xmp (16.9 KB)

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Tried to keep some structure in the sky.

IMG_20210915_170040.dng.xmp (16.2 KB)

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Hello, that’s not bad for a phone. I processed this photo in Art, trying to balance the tones and added a bit of saturation.

IMG_20210915_170040.jpg.out.arp (10.7 KB)

3 Likes (19.9 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development.

EDIT: Unhappy with how the sky looked.

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thanks for posting
darktable 3.6

IMG_20210915_170040.dng.xmp (14.7 KB)


Not a result I am happy with, but it gave me an opportunity to evaluate my latest GIMP luminosity mask plug-in.

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my version

Construction site picture with OnePlus 6_IMG_20210915_170040.dng.xmp (14.3 KB)

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GIMP correction in the LAB space


One with ART

One with DT 3.7 recent…