contextual help flickers

Dear all,

I have an annoying flickering of the contextual help when I hover with the mouse e.g. on those lines in the module “levels”…

I donno whether my current issue is related to the fact, I have two GFX on board or not…

Those are two GTX1060G1 6G with not the exact same firmware/bios in my PC. device0 carries two monitors (HP and EIZO) and device1 is used as opencl GPU only.

It does not matter which screen I use, the issue is in 2.6.0 and .1 (GIT not tried yet)

Any ideas?

Thanks and cheers

I do not experience this with the flatpak v2.6.1 with an all Intel laptop. I’d bet it is something to do with the proprietary nVidia driver, but probably not with having two of them.

Hi Mica,

thank you for always being that quick with trying to help.

The driver is just one Version (418.43) and handle the two cards :slight_smile: but yes, I assume, you are right. I wish I could see that in another software but wich one has tooltips on sliders (I guess this combination is needed, as in dt not all tooltips flicker and in firefox the tooltips are just fine). The 418.43-r1 is testing-level on my gentoo, and as often, brakes the opencl. So,the only option I could try is a downgrade to 415.27 Let me try that…


That didn’t do the trick :slight_smile: so still flickering…

In that flickering moment I can see, my mouse coursor also flickers between the arrow shown in dt and the yellow arrow I use in kde…

RT had a similar issue at one point; unsure whether it is related. I can’t find my post now…

Can’t find it, but it was causes by gtk3 iirc

Yes there were problems like this with early gtk+3.24

you guys are just so great. I updated to GTK±3.25.5 and the issue is gone


should I mark this thread as [solved] and if so, how? or what is the wanted habit on in this brilliant forum?

I am glad that it was the answer you were looking for. I need others to remind me what I said and where I said it. :sweat_smile:

To mark as solved, simply click on the pencil next to the title and type / choose solved in the tag field. I have done it for you. :slight_smile:


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