Contrast adjustments of pictures with highlights


I’m sorry if this is a known issue, but I’ve noticed that when I develop a photo with bright highlights, I get strange colors in the bright areas if I set the contrast to a negative value. Still, I found that if I set the Tone Curve mode or Base Curve to anything other than Neutral or Linear, or increase the White Point slightly, the colors disappear. The same thing happens to a photo without bright highlights if I brighten it with exposure compensation. I’m using version 1.21.1, which is the official Windows release. Version 1.21 was the same.


Could you share the raw file? Thanks!

Sure. Here it is.
R0005751.DNG (27.6 MB)
R0005751.DNG.arp (11.5 KB)

Hello, in the Exposure tool (on top), set Highlight reconstruction to Blend and those colored spots disappear.

Thanks, should be fixed now.

Thank you for your response!

When I changed the highlight reconstruction to `Blend’, the colors disappeared, but very thin black borders were left. When I moved the contrast value further in the negative direction, the colors appeared again.

Interestingly, I hadn’t considered adjusting the highlight reconstruction settings before. It is great to learn from the knowledgeable community here!

Fantastic! Your prompt and efficient responses always impress me. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work!