contrast equalizer: setting a staight line

How do you set a straight line like this:


You can use a preset, then use the “mix” slider underneath to change the slope.

I was just playing around with it and wanted to make a straight line slope in the opposite direction. Not that I knew that it would be useful. I can move the triangles at the bottom to change the x-position of the spline nodes and then drag the line to do something like what I want, but that changes the splines, or something like that. So I would be changing two things at once. It appears the straight line was programmed in, and that’s the only way to get it.

Just drag all the triangles to one end then you can pivot from either end…that gives you a strait line…


I usually just crank up the adjustment radius by scrolling the mouse wheel, and drag one end up. It’s not completely straight, but close enough. Never thought of @priort’s method, though it seems trivial in hindsight.

Same I use the scroll wheel to do scope but if a line is required it can be done I guess…

I have increased the adjustment radius to max also. It’s when you try to lower the line some after first raising it that you get a curve that has to be fixed. It’s not crucial. What I was studying was the difference in look when you adjust the coarse end versus the fine end. So, I was just goofing around with it and wondered is there a trick to getting a straight line that someone knew about, because it’s not in the manual. Apparently not, so I will make do with what works. Thanks for the replies.

Yes you can…slide all the triangle set points to the right and then you have a single line