Conversion CR2 to fit fails and cannot link to starnet++ in Siril 1.2

I am using Mac OS 11.7.10 Big Sur. Siril 1.2 will not convert CR2 files showing error message “Siril cannot open this file in CFA mode: no RAW data available” for each CR2 file. I can still convert CR2 files in Siril 1.06.

I also tried to link Starnet++ in the hamburger menu, preferences, misc, but it will not link. I was able to link to a file inside the Starnet++ floder (from download) see screenshot.

I am wondering if my OS version 11.7.10 is compatable with Siril 1.2.

This is because your RAW files are not really RAW. You did used a compression and the files are already delosaiced. It is too late to get RAW data.

It works in 1.0.6 but only in rgb. Not in CFA mode

Did you follow the quarantine stuffs as explained in the doc?

If you shot cRAW or sRAW, those don’t actually contain raw data.


Thanks for the replies. I thought since Siril converted CR2 files in version 1.06 it would do so in version 1.2. I can convert to tif another way.

I found the quarantine doc in Siril and followed those instructions for Starnet++ but it still does not work. As in my screenshot above I can put in starnet++ from the StarNetCLIv2CLI folder but does not seem to help. It may be above my paygrade. Thanks again for the help.

I got Starnet++ in Siril 1.2. I had to have an image loaded in Siril and then followed the quarantine stuffs explained in the doc. I directed Siril to the starnet++ in the folder. It seemed to work, for a beginner. Now to play around with it. Thanks for the help it led me in the right direction.

Yes but you won’t be able to calibrate your image with this kind of compressed raw.