Conversion Failed with ARW files.

I’m keen to try Siril but running OSC_Preprocessing_WithoutFlat returns the error: "No sequence found, verify working directory or change FITS extension in settings (current is .fit)".

If I convert my ARW files to Tiff manually it works but I’ve read Siril supports RAW files so this seems incorrect, the online documentation even mentions working with ARW files for pre-processing. I’ve tried pre-processing manually, going to the convert tab and adding my ARW images (which show up under “All supported files”) and I get the error message: "Conversion aborted, 0 file(s) created for 122 input file(s) (0 image(s) converted, 122 failed)".

Sorry if I’m asking a stupid question, I’m sure it’s user error, but I can’t find anything online as to why this is happening and I’m keen to stack and process in Siril.


  • Running latest Siril build 1.0.6 on Mac.
  • This has happened with multiple projects but I’m currently working with 122 lights, 20 darks all shot in Raw (lossless compressed) .ARW from a Sony A7IV.
  • My folder directory is correct I believe: [working dir.] > lights/darks
  • I don’t know what Debayering is or whether I should have it on or not. Turning on gets me the error: Error in libraw Unsupported file format or not RAW file.

Thanks in advance.

latest build is 1.2.0-beta1. It could fix your issue as your files seems to be recent.

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Have updated to 1.2.0 beta1 and it’s processing my ARW files fine now :+1: Thanks