Converter to DNG in Darktable

Currently DT does not allow to convert to DNG, Yes you can create a DNG through the creation of an HDR. I think it would be a good idea for DT to convert any RAW to DNG, in the same way that you can create the DNG with the HDR. First I thought I didn’t do it because I didn’t comply with the release codes, but according to Adobe, the DNG format is free to use. Perhaps it is possible that no one has come up before. Anyway, I would like to know your opinion about it and how to start the suggestion to include this converter to DT. Greetings and thanks

What do you believe to be the benefits of converting a single, native camera format raw to dng to be?

I find, and have always found, that the less conversions I can make, the better off I am.

Thanks for answering.
At the moment I only have one reason, that is, to share a RAW without losing my authorship. For example. In the contest they ask to deliver the edited RAW + jpg, I can share the edited DNG + jpg and I can rest assured that I own the native RAW, with which I can prove my authorship. I say contest as I can say client.
If I reveal a RAW with DT, I cannot choose the output format to dng. DT only allows you to create a DNG in the specific case of creating an HDR.

Understandable. Thanks for sharing. Would an EXR file be equally suitable, since it sounds like your dng file would already be demoasiced?

If you mean openEXR, this file is HDR format, so it would not be worth it. I have checked with DT and the file converted to EXR weighs too much, a pef of about 20MB, becomes an EXR of 190MB.

I am pretty sure contests which want raw files want the original files not something edited.

It was just an example. Please do not distort the main issue, which is why Darktable has not included a DNG converter as Rawtherapee has it. Thank you

because the DT main devs think that it is a bad feature. it has been discussed to death before.

I would like to read that discussion, could you share the link to follow that discussion, please. Thank you

you can probably find more bugs, or mailinglist posts. IRC logs would have also multiple discussions on the issue.

I think digiKam can convert raw files to DNG. Will it help?

Coincidentally those are the entries I found and read. Well if developers say they can give problems in the conversion, it will be very true. Thanks for the links

Yes I know. Rawtherapee also converts them, there are several ways to do it. I just asked, since it seemed strange to me that DT didn’t include it, but now I know, why he doesn’t.
PS: Does Rawtherapee have the problem, what do DT developers say when converting a RAW to DNG?

Rawtherapee does not convert raw files to DNG. Rawtherapee does not write raw files at all, it only reads and processes them to non raw files (tiff, jpeg, png)

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Really? Fence, I thought I did. I’m sorry I didn’t check, thanks for clearing it up