copy EXIF when using enfuse

I played around with enfuse the other day and noticed that the output TIF has no EXIF data. However, when I import the image then back into darktable, it does not sort nicely with the other images.
Hugin on the other hand copies parts of the EXIF data into the resulting image - which makes the panorama appear next to the images in darktable.

Of course you can do this with exiftool or exiv2 but EXIF data can be really weird when it comes to lens/camera models etc. Hugin seems to only copy a subset though and I would like to do the same.
Thus the question is now: is there a script in hugin-tools or somewhere else that can do this, i.e., copy this subset of EXIF data?
Note, I do not want to copy all EXIF data (that is trivial to do with exiv2 -ea- IMG_6110.tif | exiv2 -ia- fused.tif)