Copy exposure to match between photos

ART 1.17.2

Is there a way to copy some exposure from one photo to other photos, so that the wall looks the same in all photos.

I took half a dozen photos of dogs passing in front a wall and the exposure is not identical (my fault). Some of the dogs were light colour, some were dark and one dog was black which gave me different exposure. By the time I realized, it was too late…

I just want the exposure for the wall to be the same. Darktable has the spot exposure mapping for fixing my mistake.

Can I do the same in ART?


You can copy and paste any edit(s) from a ‘master’ image to other images.

To do that open an image that needs the adjustment, fix exposure then click the button at upper right to copy your current processing profile to the clipboard: image

Then go to the File Browser, select the images that need the same adjustment (Shift+click or Ctrl+click) , right-click and select Processing profile operations | Paste - partial. Check Exposure (only) from the dialog that pops up. Click OK and you’re done. All your selected images will then have that exposure value.


I think the OP wants like an exposure equalization not all to have the same value…so if one is a bit brighter then tweak exposure to match the selected key image …

Yes, but as far as I know what I described is as close as ART can get.

No, sorry

Then what about as a feature request by borrowing from darktable like you did with the perspective control? :wink:



If ART has a color picker that can give a luminance or brightness value, (does it? I don’t know) I suppose you could do it manually, if it’s only a small set of photos.

Nope. Edit to clarify: I don’t know what the feature does exactly, and I’m not particularly interested in this, sorry…

Too bad. Thanks in anyway the great software.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year