Copy only part of module settings

Most of the recent modules in darktable are quiet big and contain a lot of things. Is there a way to copy/paste only some part of the settings? For example, in color calibration I would like to be able to copy/paste the color mixer settings, without the CAT settings. The same applies for presets.

EDIT: not only related to recent modules actually. I have already had the same issue with the color zones module, where I wanted to copy the lightness adjustments without the other ones.

Thanks for helping.

No that’s not possible. Note also that a module settings makes sense only globally in some cases as some parameters are correlated.

What might be possible is to split the settings of a module over several instances, if the module has a “neutral position”. Then you can copy the instances individually. This won’t work with e.g. filmic, as it has no neutral setting (i.e. it will always modify its input).

It’s something I use with e.g. the color balance module, to keep the white balance settings separate from the grey settings (or in general the channel mixer part; yes, I know they are the same math, and most efficient combined in one module, but I think of it as different functionalities). It also helps showing the effect of just part of the settings in a module.


That makes sense.

And this sounds like a very good workaround.

That is indeed something I like to do as well.

Thank you both!

I think this is currently a bit of a problem with this module. By combining so many things you can’t easily enable and disable parts of it. So my example would be using colorfulness and brightness. You can’t quickly enable and disable that to assess your edit or the changes you have to take the sliders back to zero. You would have to break it up in to individual instances of the module in bypass to adjust only these parameters to try to turn them off and and on quickly to assess the edit applied …perhaps there is a way to do this or there will be…

I will definitely try to use 2 instances, even set it up as my default workflow if that is possible. Even if I lose in performance, I really prefer to split which I feel like different fonctionnalities (This is my personal feeling, not saying that it should be split in 2 modules).