Copying an old negative on a glass plate

So, I’m in our old family home, and we stumbled on a file of old family photos (1870 to 1930). One of these is a rather small (10x7cm) negative glass plate (WW1 era, since it looks like my grandfather in uniform).

What is the best way to make a copy of it, given a decent SLR, tripod, variable weather, able assistant but no time and nearby store to make up a full-fledged negative copy stand? I assume I have to shoot it against some light? Should I use some diffuser?

Any ideas?

Some good info here:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

One of my friends put them on his laptop’s screen, displayed a pure white image and took pictures of the illuminated glass plates that way. This is in Hungarian, but you can see the set-up and the results:

What he thought was important: aperture priority, small aperture, multi-second exposure, all other light sources in the room turned off.

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If the negative is sitting directly on the laptop screen, the grid of pixels might show up in the scan. To avoid this, hold the negative a couple inches above the laptop screen and use a wide aperture so that only the negative is in focus and the pixels are blurred out. The negative should be centered within the screen so that it’s evenly illuminated.

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