Copying presets from one data.db to another

A little while back, I created some dt presets for export and metadata. Now, I want to copy them to another system; the source system is Linux, while the target system is Windows. I could do it by manual transcription, but hey, we’re working with computers!

Has anybody tried exporting and importing rows from the presets table in data.db, and if so did it work? Alternatively, am I overlooking a simpler way to propagate presets?

You can import and export from preferences…


Well, that’s much easier. I was thinking of exporting and importing table rows using a SQLite tool. Thanks, Todd!

It took me a few days to find the time to test export/import of presets for the metadata editor and export modules.

Metadata editor presets made the trip happily with no problems.

I found that going from dt 4.6.1 on Linux to 4.4.1 on Windows, I could import the export module presets, and they would appear in the list of presets. I could choose the new preset from the list of presets in the export module. But after a couple of seconds, a pop-up error message would appear in the main pane of the UI:
deleting preset for obsolete module

Since I transported the preset from a newer release to an older release, I was only mildly surprised. But I tried propagating a preset from Win 4.4.1 to Linux 4.6.1 and got the same result.

So then I upgraded to 4.6.1 on Windows so the releases now matched exactly, and the presets can now be moved back and forth freely and used on both systems. This is great!

This problem sounds very much like what was reported in Deleted presets in export module · Issue #12818 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub , which seems to still be happening for some people.

I find the message to be quite misleading (at least in English; I’m no good with other languages). It says that the module (not the preset) is obsolete, and it says that regardless of whether the preset is transferred from an older release to a newer release, or vice versa.