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Hi, everybody. I am an amateur photographer from Valencia (España). I hope learn all the secrets from Darktable in this forum. I have a doubt…well, more than a doubt…but i began for something basic. How can i write copyright symbol in Darktable?. I had tried write this symbol in my firm, but i coudn,t do it. Can you help me, please?

Regards from Valencia (España) ant thank you for your sure help. :sunglasses:


Don’t know if I understand it correct, but you want to write the copyright symbol “©” in the metadata or the watermark module? You can just copy-paste it there, e.g. from Wikipedia (that’s what I do with symbols I do not know the key combination) or from this post. Tested it and it works for me.


I copy paste symbols from Wikipedia as well. Sometimes (c) is enough, or when in doubt, use the full word Copyright.


With Ubuntu and French keyboard, I do it with alt gr+ c.
It does that : ©

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Thank everybody for your fast answer.:sunglasses:

(Stefan Schmitz) #6

Authors rights in the EU and US are very (!) different. There is no valid © in Europe -as a matter of fact, you are better protected here in the EU than in the US - just put your name without the symbol.


IANAL, but I recently learned …

I always used the same arguments, but recently learned that this is not the entire truth. In a lawsuit, when everything is clear and provable, it may be the case. But, as often in lawsuits, there is no evidence but word against word, even in EU countries the correctness of the copyright signature is assumed if nothing else can prove it wrong. So it gives a little benefit even with the absence of US copyright law. I know, it’s sad …