corlord not assigned icc - Darktable darktable-cmstest

(Martin) #1

Hi, I run Mate 16.04 and just calibrated/profiled my monitor with a Spyder4 and DisplayCAL.
It went well apart from colord wasn’t able to pick the profile in time. Solution: I installed gnome-color-manager. Then there was just a warning that I might manually assign and activate the color profile.
So I created a script #!/bin/bash dispwin /home/capponz/icc_profile/LP156WH3.icc made it executable and put that to startup.
Seems to work fine there’s just one issue wih colord. When I run darktable-cmstest

darktable-cmstest version 2.4.1
this executable was built with colord support enabled
darktable itself was built with colord support enabled

primary CRTC is at CRTC 0
CRTC for screen 0 CRTC 1 has no mode or no output, skipping

eDP-1	the X atom and colord returned different profiles
	X atom:	_ICC_PROFILE (2530548 bytes)
		description: LP156WH3-TPS2 #1 2018-02-19 10-39 2.2 F-S XYZLUT+MTX
	colord:	"(none)"
		description: (file not found)

Better check your system setup
 - some monitors reported different profiles
You may experience inconsistent color rendition between color managed applications

I tried to fix it but am struggling. any ideas?
thanks a lot


First of all, you shouldn’t mix dispwin and colord.

What exactly does g-c-m tell you when you try to assign your display profile to the monitor?

(Martin) #3

Hi houz,
thank you for your reply.
-first I tried to solve an error, not knowing that I’ll mix up something. -
(displayCAL askes you if you want to assign the profile and want it to set at startup.)
but this error appeared after the profiling/calibrating that’s why I installed gnome-color-manager
the error was
colord querying for profile returned no result for 5 secs
same here
that’s why I installed gnome-color-manager.
then the error was replaced by a warning
colord: the profile has been imported. you may need to manually assign and activate it under “color” system settings.

What exactly does g-c-m tell you when you try to assign your display profile to the monitor?

hm to be honest I’m lost here.


Try doing just that. Go to the system settings to the color settings. You should be able to assign the display profile to a monitor in there. I myself don’t use GNOME so I can’t tell you what to look for exactly. Maybe others can chime in?

(Martin) #5

Unfortunately this option is no longer available in -Mate- 16.04. I’ve searched a looong time for that. thank you very much!


Ah right, Mate is a fork of GNOME 2. I have honestly not the slightest clue about that. Sorry.