Cornwall photographer catches 'once in a lifetime' kestrel picture

Any unplanned captures that turned out great lately? Since this is bird related, I will ping @hatsnp and other bird lovers.


Nice! Some halos though :wink: .


That’s amazing :smiley: My first thought was “My fuji would miss focus” :sweat_smile:

I doubt that any camera could follow focus completely in this case. So, there must have been some luck.

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That shot reminds me of a rubbish joke:

I was walking through a golf course the other day, and one of the players took a swing in my direction. I thought to myself “I wonder why that ball seems to get bigger as it gets closer?” And then it hit me.

Self-taught photographer, or self-taught A.I? Ooops! NOW I’ve opened a can of worms! :wink: :laughing:

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