Correcting motion blur

Is there any free software to correct motion blur (deconvolution if Deepl does its job properly)?

Top: the problem: blurred image (extract)
Bottom: extract from an image taken under the same conditions

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There’s a GIMP plugin called Refocus: however, from experience, it’s impossible to remove significant motion blur (camera shake) entirely.

? Improved Deblur/Easy Image Enhancement Script Improved Deblur/Easy Image Enhancement Script • GIMP Chat
Gimp: Filtre Amélioration « Deblur by Wallace » – Le Photographe Libre

G`MIC Details / Sharpen [Deblur] and “Deblur Texture”

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As far as I know, not really. The issue with deconvolution is that you need a kernel that properly represents the motion blur you have. Which will differ between images, as you can have all kinds of motion blur (up-down, sideways, rotation, “hooks”, …)

Would it be possible, theoretically, to deduce the ‘shape’ from the image? Obviously would be hard sometimes, but the image above looks fairly simple. You could almost trace it manually. Then load it into the kernel?
I’m probably optimistically oversimplifying.

Have a look at the SmartDeblur gallery linked above by @Zbyma72age (not open source, not sure about the free). Most (if not all) of the examples show artifacts. Especially the “defocus blur” shows the kind of artifacts you get.

Getting the kernel is the most important step, but you then have to be careful with the actual deconvolution. A classical technique uses the Fourier Transform, which gives the kind of artifacts present in that “defocus blur” example (so-called “ringing”). And those are hard to control, because caused by the way the transform reacts to sharp edges.

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