Corrupted TIF Exports

Hello, I am using a Nikon Z 6 with Fimulator on Windows. Whenever I export a TIF file, it seems to be properly formatted and I can view the file with Windows Photo Viewer, but if I try to import it to Photoshop or Lightroom, it becomes a white image with streaks of red and green, without any semblance to the actual image. Is this a known issue

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This has something to do with the EXIF data being copied over to the TIFF in a fairly improper manner.

I don’t have Ps or Lr, so I won’t be able to test, but I may have some ideas for sanitizing the EXIF. Perhaps I’ll make some builds for you to test.

As a temporary workaround, you should be able to open it in RawTherapee and then resave it, as inconvenient as that may be.

Yeah, Darktable has no problem opening the TIF file. I didn’t think about exporting from Darktable, that works! Let me know if I can be of any help in testing.