Countryside in infrared


(Thomas) #1

Inspired by this thread, I decided to take a closer look at (near) infrared photography. Therefore I bought a 720 nm long pass filter some days ago and used a few minutes of sunshine today. I find trees with white foliage quite unrealistic and aesthetically not really appealing. Nevertheless, I think that an IR filter opens up numerous creative possibilities.
I would like to present my second (!) photo from today here and put it up for discussion. I decided against white trees and kept everything a bit darker.

What do you think?

(dumb) #2

It’s jarring because the sky and the landscape are not very different in terms of light level but not very similar either. It’s a light day and yet also a stormy dark day too.

(Andrew) #3

It reminds me of moonlight.

(Mica) #4

Does your camera have its IR filter removed?

I was motivated by the post you reference as well, and found you can rent an IR modded camera from for a decent price.

(Thomas) #5

No, no modification. The Canon 1300D is also relatively “modern”, so it should have an up-to-date IR blocking filter. Works well in sunlight, though. At ISO 100 and North German sunlight 1 - 2 minutes exposure time. The clouds are a consequence of the long exposure time and the relativ strong wind.

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