Couple questions about digikam as a DAM

Looking for a way to organize my images on MacOS now that I moved away from Lightroom.

  1. Looking through the docs it seems Digikam can import from SD cards. My question here is are auto created albums actually folders created on disk? Also is it possible to auto create a subfolder based off some shoot name? I tend to follow a /Raws/Year/Shoot/Shot Date method of organization.

  2. If above is not possible does Digikam auto recognize new images and folder structures being created by a different application like exiftool under a tracked directory.

  3. Is it possible to manage multiple root photo directories? I tend to keep my Raws and processed exports separated.

I do organize by YYYY/YYYY-MM on import. digiKam does that for me.

Please be aware that digiKam won’t do that on already imported images. You will have to use exiftool or other external tools after that and digiKam will be fine with that.

I don’t think you will have any issues with having raw and exports in different root folders. You can add them to digiKam as separate collections I think.

Can you rename photos and create custom collections or catalogs in digiKam?

It is better to rename photos after the import in digikam because of some bug but yes.

CTRL + A - F2 and rename them per your formula.

Collections/ catalogs are just physical folders in digiKam. There are no virtual albums besides saved searches or tags.

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