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For the French folks here, I have contributed to the creation of the GSCN group and I co-authored their website.

The TL;DR is GSCN acts as the firemen of computer science (engineers, technicians in security/dev/servers/networks) and propose emergency help for free to doctors, pharmacies, town halls, teachers and any professional fighting now to keep strategic services up and going while France is in lock-down. We offer help with any tech/computer/communication issue they might have so they can focus on doing their job and don’t bother about digital tools.

Please share : https://gscn.eu.org/

If you are a tech person able to help, consider joining too.

Also I’m mostly stopping my contributions to darktable for now, and will help health professionals until further notice.


Merci !


There’s also something for the German folks here. I will contribute this weekend



On my end I have been helping the elderly with groceries and understanding what the fake news are. Generally, being a polite patient decent human being helps.


Unfortunately my only global contribution is debunking some fake news on social media and groups, using my knowledge and understanding (I got a PhD in virology, and currently doing research in fungus and virus epidemiology).
But most most of my time at home is going towards making school at home to my two 11 years old daughters. And it takes more time than I expected!


Actually, data-scientists are gathering up here : https://dataagainstcovid-19.slack.com/join/shared_invite/zt-cgsplso2-LIvWeRHlf1ZFIrh~SPj~IA

There are people with maths, but not enough with biology. Having a real virologist might help define concepts and stuff to look at.


I’m in America here, and let me say this: I’m absolutely shocked, but not surprised at how Trump has handled things. Also, I did notice that red states takes it far less seriously than the blue state here, and it shames me to know that I live on the red state though on the blue side of the red state.

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Who is red, who is blue again ? Here the commies are red, the fascists are blue. Trumperica messes with my language of flowers, it’s confusing.


In context of United State of America:

Red = Republicans - Base is rural, more religious, and generally aren’t supportive of equality/equity
Blue = Democrats - Base is urban, less religious, and generally more for equality/equity


Hmm. I thought these days, Republicans were orange though.


LMAO, one certainly is!

That is a legitimate New Jersey tan, thank-you-very-much!!


Where I am from engineers are sometimes purple.

Sad for the folk in Europe (well planet) at the moment. Heard tha the number of deaths in Italy now officially exceeds that of China. Crazy times we now live in. My part-time job shuttered all stores until next month. Still have my full time job. Oh well. More time to play (computer rendering) and I needed that time. :slight_smile:

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Heh, I’ve offered to help our Croatian Academic and Research network with setting up a system based around nextcloud and other open services, but they paid Microsoft to help set up the online schooling system for our country (Croatia) with their tools, and the system wasn’t working at all. They broke the authentication code for the network when integrating it with Microsoft systems and they’ve put it all in production xD Later the infra couldn’t handle all the requests from the users. XD

Then they lied that they were experiencing the DDoS attack so they can get away with spending the all the money for nothing but more problems. Even our minister of edu and ministry of internal affairs were lying about why the system doesn’t work and were threatening to the made up “hackers” on twitter with some childish messages like; “we’ll get you”, “it’s better for you to go to school then play piano for 8 years” (meaning they’ll have their hands cuffed in front of them for 8 years XDD). The thing is, it were just normal users not a DDoS.

I raised the issue about that withing Croatian developers group (10k+ members). Needless to say that it went viral and now the ministry admits it were just normal users. The system still only works at night when the entire country is sleeping XD

It’s crazy.


I just got a mail that there are 42968 contributors to WirVsVirus hackathon.

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Here we have almost 600 in total, but given the fact that’s it’s crazy hard to have access to doctors to discuss what kind of help they actually need, I’m starting to think that the best thing to do is stay put and do nothing.

Lots of people are already talking about AI and machine learning, contamination models and stuff, but me thinks emergency situations are not the best time to innovate properly, and models need to be tested and validated before deployed. Otherwise the risk of harming instead of curing is very high.

Plus doctors have better things to do now than learning new stuff, even if it’s software meant to alleviate their workload. By the time all the voluntaries will start having some sort of structure and organization to actually help properly, the fire will be extinguished.

So, yeah… I’m kind of thinking to stick to image processing and let the pro handle the situation as much as they can with tools they master. Hacking to help is one thing, but designing proper solutions to clearly identified problems doesn’t work well under pressure.

As they write in some buses : don’t distract the driver.


Food for thought: our lifes will change a lot over the next few months. i mean in worst case we will have to fight this for 6-18months.

  1. help teachers with OBS+twitch and friends so they can keep teaching. or help them to move to digital in first place. help them to use things like moodle.
  2. teach your elderly how to use things like skype, jitsi.
  3. find more activities you would normally do offline, how to do them online. having people in company is just as important right now than helping doctors. I was actually talking to friends earlier about playing things like DND online. many more things come to mind.
  4. ask your local government how to make more processes digital.

If you want to help doctors, help the rest of the people to stay inside and get things done.


Also I would be curious to monitor depression and suicides stats during all that mess.


Yes, and additionally those deaths that will be caused when people don’t get medical treatment in time because the healthcare system is overloaded. :slightly_frowning_face:

For european countries there is a statistic covering the so-called ‘excess mortality’, when mortality temporarily exceedes average values.


The stats of the last few weeks often are being adjusted due to delayed registrations