cr2 canon problem

RT cannot open the Canon cr2 file. Another program opens the same file.

RT 5.0 is very old. Please use a newer version (5.8)

I can’t install 5.8. It’s wanted only x64. I have old PC x32. Is that my only problem?

This sounds more like a Windows default application thing. With Windows Explorer, find a .cr2 file, right-click on the name and select Properties at the bottom. In the dialog box, there’s a “Type of file: Opens with…” section that is probably set to use the program you’re seeing. Change that to the path of the RT executable, and this particular problem will very likely go away.

That said, it’ll only become more challenging to use a 32bit computer/OS for photography. It’s a memory-intensive sort of work, and that 4Gb maximum addressable memory may sound like a lot, but in Windows your processing program is going to compete with a bunch of other services and utilities for that space. That, and the softwares are increasingly abandoning offering 32bit executables; I did just that with my last release of hack software.

@utyug Here you can find an RT 5.7 build from 2019:

This should be newer than the EOS2000D

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I’m not an expert in this area. I think to put 64 on another local disk, but I do not know if there are drivers for the old hardware. Thanks!

I’ll try. Thanks!

no, dont working.

Are you still on Win XP?

Yes, an old laptop.

Today is the first day I decided to work with RAW. and so many things at once. But I won’t give up :slight_smile:

Good luck! With XP on old laptop, you’ll need it… :grinning:

Rawpedia :The last version of RawTherapee to support GTK2 and compatible with Windows XP is 5.0-r1-gtk2 released on 2017-02-02.

Due to end of support of XP for MSYS2/MINGW64 packages (system API incompatibility), it is the last version which will be ever built for XP.

Sorry, but I would say no. A few years ago I stumbled upon this problem and thus had to by a new PC.

thank you all! I installed Win10 x64, everything works! RT 5.8 read CR2 perfectly.
Have a nice day!