CR3 metadata / EXIF

I realize there have been several discussions on this topic in general and my sincere apologies if I’m asking what’s already been answered elsewhere (if so, please redirect me – I searched). But has the situation with exiv2 been resolved to the point it will be included in RT? Just curious when it’s reasonable (all things considered) to expect EXIF support for CR3 in RawTherapee. I’m running 5.8-2995-g166538d on Xubuntu and it’s not there AFAICT. It sure will be nice to get EXIF from my CR3s.

Thanks for all the hard work.

It’s a work in progress: Adopt Exiv2 for metadata handling by Beep6581 · Pull Request #5889 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub
And just give realistic expectations, things are moving very slowly in the development front, so I really cannot say when it will be included…

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Thanks for the update. I just wanted to confirm I wasn’t overlooking something obvious …usually the case! :slight_smile: I guess I could write a script to have exiv2 read a CR3 and plug desired values into its child image(s).